3d Printed Bearing | The H Lab #shorts

I tried printing this bearing and it works. Not very smooth but it ok to use.

Download 3D STL from here for FREE:
Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHLab
GitHub: https://github.com/thehlab
3D model: https://sketchfab.com/thehlab

Thank for watching.
The H Lab.

22 Replies to “3d Printed Bearing | The H Lab #shorts”

  1. Finally someone showed how a bearing actually comes off the Pinter instead of these free spinning examples with the instruction “just print it”

  2. Some things you should just buy the proper metal part. That thing is not going to last

  3. get your stringing settings right before showing off.
    not trying to insult, I just want to advise you too look into it.

  4. A glimpse of today's quality compared to when things were built to last. Plastic is cheap but can't endure like metal.

  5. In my engineering class in l highschool we did a pinewood derby and had to build the whole car all except for the axles. So I took some skateboard bearings modeled them in cad and then 3d printed them on the a formlabs form 3 printer. Using a few different materials I had working bearings and won the race. Those laser printers are crazy accurate

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