How To Win Tic Tac Toe

Learn how to always win at tic tac toe. This analysis shows where you should go to win a game of tic tac toe.
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  1. How to win tic tac toe

    Step one control the middle

    If any opponent goes to none corner it's a double w

    Take one corner and if he tries to block and a corner down left on right like this

    X o X

    Ez dub

  2. The move you showed could win 2 ways it can win by top or middle so either way you win

  3. If they start in the middle you don’t go on a corner you lost can’t tell you how because I use it just know if they have any knowledge about the game you lost

  4. I go middle and go top right corner as long as they don't go top center then the have the block at the bottom left corner and I go top Left corner and have bottom right corner and top middle

  5. also you can start in any corners if they put in the middle do not care just place it the opposite corner now you have guaranteed chances of winning

  6. As Joshua once said in the movie War Games, “Strange game. The only winning move it’s not to play”

  7. I don’t know is it just me or The video the videos audio just got faster and faster steadily

  8. My favorite is starting in a corner. If they go in the middle the you go opposite the corner you just went, then next turn fill in a 3rd corner. Boom! Trapped

  9. Bro great vid but one thing there was one where the opponent would have one bc u said to go in the corner so you would have lost one 1

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