How World Famous Cannoli Are Made in Sicily — First Person

At Extrabar in the Sicilian village of Piana degli Albanesi, Nicola and Luca Petta are the father-son team behind the bakery that makes famous artisanal cannoli. People come from around the world to try their cannoli made with raw sheep’s ricotta.

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Producer: Carla Francescutti
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Camera: Anna Muckerman, Mohamed Ahmed
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22 Replies to “How World Famous Cannoli Are Made in Sicily — First Person”

  1. It seems like they have the same sense of dedications that Japanese craftsmen have.

  2. Watch this at 0.5X Speed by adjusting the YouTube options? It becomes trippy as all-heck and also gives me time to read the subtitles

  3. That is… the worstly made cannoli I've ever seen, his wraping is weak and doesn't go around far enough, and the cream is to be done through a tube, not just slapped on with a knife or something.

  4. so sad to see how bad southern europe can speak english, like their debts, everything is less than north europe

  5. I appreciate these people. Hard working! 👍🏽

    Whenever I think of the word Cannoli, I instantly think of the film "The Godfather", when Rocco says "Leave the Gun, take the Cannoli". 😂

    I've never tried Cannoli before, but would like to.

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