Human Flag Pole tutorial – How to do a flagpole training bar hold

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27 Replies to “Human Flag Pole tutorial – How to do a flagpole training bar hold”

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  2. I could do that when I was a fat teenager no joke. Now … not a chance.

  3. Hi.
    I practiced 3 years in street workout. A month ago I signed up for a gym. I want to make the exercise a human flag. How can I incorporate it into my practice if
      I train with ab program.?

  4. @ore inbar, you may just have to learn it the way I and hundreds of others did which is with a straight up pole.

  5. I tried your method but I can't find and poles that u can put one hand on and one on top there all just straight up and a lot taller than me what do I do????

  6. So this is a dumb question. But I'm a fashionable dude and like to add fashion to my workouts. (Btw, thanks for the help on the Human Flag. I'm starting to progress into and these progressions will help me get it even better) Where could I buy pants like the guy in the background at 1:31? Are they just rolled up sweat pants or something? 

  7. Lose some fat around your waist and your abs will pop out. Don't take it the wrong way (:

  8. how do i fix my top arm bend? every attempt my top arm bends, and i have no idea how to fix it

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  10. I just liked the video before watchin it, can't be a mistake when sam is explaining sth

  11. Grease the groove! Just grind the skill until it sticks. I did this with pullups, did them every day, and now I can do 24. 🙂

  12. This isn't a trick, it's the way to train those abs, and the rest of your body, to hold the human flag. Eccentric reps are proven to work well.

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  15. Great video for me. Because i already have the strength from gym workouts and all sorts of pull ups. I just need some advice on how to practice for those crazy calisthenics positions like the flag.

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  18. you don't need rest days for working handstands. A handstand is one of the more basic skills that don't require much strength unless you're holding it for over 5 minutes. Just work it everyday. Same with flagpole. When walking on you're hands, just be sure you have a good handstand first, then try to take a step or two forward, but make sure to keep your core and butt tight or you will fall. hope this helps 😀

  19. This video is fucking shit! If you want to do human flag you must have very strong abs. Nothing trick can't help you! Sory for my bad english.

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