Husqvarna Chainsaws – 440/435

Husqvarna has one of the worlds widest range of chainsaws made for every need and condition, around the world. For professionals as well as demanding consumers – big saws and smaller ones, saws for felling and limbing and saws for pruning.

12 Replies to “Husqvarna Chainsaws – 440/435”

  1. Decent saw for very light occasional use. Chain is horrible, went though 2 pull starts, idles like shit too.

  2. funny thing is that there both about 41cc but they charge more for the 440e because it has a easy chain tightener which costs about £100 more so buy a 435 and save your self some money

  3. I have a 372XP and a 445, I will never trade one of them for another chainsaw. Both saws are great, have their limitations, benefits, etc. Try a 445 if you use pro chainsaws like me, you'll be surprised.

  4. Good chainsaw for a beginner like myself. Too big or too expensive is not something I wanted for my first chainsaw. I'll upgrade later. So far, I am very happy with my new 445.

  5. you mean 254XP, 357XP, 365 or 372XP?
    These are huge and too strong and heavy for common users.

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