I Bought 10 Crazy Tools on Alibaba

I bought 10 Crazy Tool on Alibaba, are they good?
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0:00 This one is terrifying
2:29 How strong is the magnet?
5:00 Get into tight places?
6:14 Is this from the 50’s?
8:38 Box of bolts?
9:25 Assembling the circ saw
10:15 These blades are so tiny
12:24 Makes thing sharper, right???
14:25 I had high hopes for this one
16:11 The best packaged of them all
17:44 Pop goes the weasel
19:22 This one surprised me

14 Replies to “I Bought 10 Crazy Tools on Alibaba”

  1. @1:06 Eye Protection… I wouldn't use that without a full body Kevlar suit and a welder's helmet!

  2. Careful… China will rule the world someday and come after you for laughing at their junk.

  3. It was funny watching, but far as i am concern, it's all junk, if a person was to make 100 cuts the told would not hold out, they're made to make 1 or 2 cuts then store them away in the garage with the rest of the junk!

  4. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge.

  5. I’ve certainly thought about some of those. I’ve also thought about the water pump drill attachment. Might want to wear a work glove with that chain saw.

  6. Do have to pay custom import tax,?
    Do pay expensive delivery charge?
    I bought bought $100 item and shipping charge was $400. Can someone comment on their purchase on Alibaba?

  7. The fact that you started out with the item you presented in the thumbnail brought you a new subscriber. Best wishes ????

  8. the set screws in the head of the nibbler allow you to set the direction of the cutting head, so it cuts in your chosen direction, loosen the set screw with one end of the included tool, set the angle with the other end, I have one side set for straight and left curves, the other side set for straight and right curves
    pop the circlip and fill the gearbox with grease every couple of hours
    I have done 16 steel roofs -around chimneys, around vent stacks, skylights, with mine, steel and roll aluminium flashing
    haven't worn it out yet.
    also have a makita nibbler, which I have come to dislike for being corded
    and an astro, that needs an air line
    all use the same cutter pin and anvils, assuming they are all made by the same company and brand-named

  9. I think the 2 sizes listed on the nibble are the two sizes you can switch between (move the handle). Am I off here?

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