I Bought SALVAGED Clothes for CHEAP

THIS is what really happens to our returns, and damaged and unsold merchandise.. It gets auctioned off for SUPER CHEAP! I bought a HUGE mystery box to see what treasures we can find.

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Cloud Sweater I am wearing:
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26 Replies to “I Bought SALVAGED Clothes for CHEAP”

  1. I love how this saves close that would otherwise go into a landfill or get wasted

  2. The Hugo boss shirt with the dye splatter could be re-dyed a dark red and totally salvaged

  3. Nordstrom needs to hirer seamstress in their stores. Do they already have them?

  4. Can you maybe colour the hugo boss shirt to another colour? It os still good

  5. You won’t have to completely reconstruct any of these, most of them are really simple to fix and could be done in less than 30 minutes.

  6. It’s lovely to see clothes given a new lease of life
    We have a couple of shops here who recycle clothes and sell them at lower prices
    Well done you

  7. That purple sequin dress is so pretty on you. Those missing sequins would not be noticed easily. You got a total deal on that box, Hope!!

  8. This is literally what I did a year or so ago when buying new clothes. I bought everything second hand and some stuff was damaged or didn't fit me right, so I found a good tailor and had her alter/fix a bunch of the items for me. I don't really care if I probably spent the same amount of $ getting them tailored as I would have buying new bc I love that I gave still wearable clothes new life! She's a rockstar. Find a good tailor/seamstress, I highly recommend it!!

  9. Omg the Hunter Welly sock made me laugh. It’s the best brand for wellies in the uk and these socks go inside the rubber boot to keep you warm!

  10. Actually love this video, I really want to learn to sew (especially with a machine cause I can do quick fix sewing with a needle and thread but not proper sewing) hopefully when I have time I can learn

  11. The Christmas sockkinggg 😂 those are Hunter boot inserts for colder weather! And a hack is to just buy those and roll it over a regular pair of rain boots and then it looks designer 😂❤️🎉

  12. Most of the items are from Nordstroms. Either they are returned because they broke shortly after being purchased, or they come defected “broken zipper missing button etc”. And yes so many deodorant and makeup stains on perfectly good clothes.

  13. Please try sweaty betty power leggings I think you would love them x

  14. I feel the sweater could have been engendered into a unique ugly sweater easily.

    The Hugo boss shirt could be a great Halloween zombie shirt

  15. Used to work at Nordstrom and because they barely have a return policy, we would get some insane things for returns. Once, I had to return two pairs pants that were bought 6 years prior. Lots of people would wear expensive dresses to events and then try to return them. Also, so many people would swap tags with old items they had at home and try to return. The grossest story I heard: my coworker helped a man pick out an outfit for his mom to be buried in. A week later he returned the clothes and they apparently had an awful stench… he obviously used the clothes for his mom to be seen in but took them off right before she was buried.

  16. Found a pair of joggers at a store once with a defect, they were the last ones in my size, I told the manager if I could get a discount I’d buy them. They were originally $40, I got them for $15

  17. You looked great in everything you tried on,especially the purple dress. Snags in sweaters can be fixed by using a sewing needle with a large eye and insert it in the fabric right next to the snag and thread the snagged part into the needle and gently pull to the inside of the garment and tie it off. The neckline of the sweaters can be repaired by sewing them back in place. If you can find a thread in a matching color that has a bit of stretch that would be ideal. Beadwork on the purple dress is a pretty easy but time consuming fix if you can find matching beads.

  18. That sock thing that you threw out thinking it was a stocking it’s to go inside hunter boots to make them winter equipped. Things ya know . Haha 😂

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