I brought back my most popular backpack style with a magical twist ???????? #fashiondesigner #backpack

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The Cora Backpack silhouette is the most popular backpack style on @popflexactive so I didn’t wanna change the design TOOOOO much but I did want to our a new twist on it.

Here’s what I kept:

✔️ 14 pockets!
✔️ Laptop pocket (holds my 13.5” MacBook Pro)
✔️ Waterproof shoe compartment
✔️ Pen holders
✔️ Various sized organizing pockets
✔️ Key ring clip
✔️ Yoga mat holder
✔️ Cushioned straps

Here’s what’s new:


When I first found this fabric, I was like OMG we have to use it on something! First of all, it’s just so cool because in normal light your backpack is dark grey…but as soon as you shine a light on it, it turns this crazy psychedelic rainbow color! Like what!?!?

You know what that means? It means when you’re walking home at night and there are cars on the road, the headlights shining on your backpack will help the cars see you.


Safety. It’s cool.


The “Magic Flash” fabric is available on the Cora backpack AND the Ella gym bag! ✨Popflexactive.com✨

17 Replies to “I brought back my most popular backpack style with a magical twist ???????? #fashiondesigner #backpack”

  1. I don't know if you read this but all your design is terrific than anything but can you do the bag square shaped since it can be held by hand and it can be a backpack and I'm curious how can you design it

  2. I know I say this all the time but you and whoever is helping you bring these products to life are incredible business people. It’s really nice to see new products being made which are not just money grabs that have a singular purpose and end up in landfills within the year. I really respect people who put as much thought and care into producing a functional and yet unique product on the market.

  3. I do think some of her stuff looks pretty or cool, but seriously…this is not worth $175. My heavy-duty hiking backpack is cheaper, as is my North Face recon (which has TONS of pockets that can fit a larger laptop.) I'm not sure what the target demographic for Popflex is supposed to be at this point. To be clear, I've had my North Face recon for over 10 years. It's not pretty, but it looks amazing still. From what I gather, people have wildly different experiences with quality with Popflex items.

  4. Why is this nicer than any diaper bag out there…
    Literally awesome for active Mama's.

  5. Never leave your phone in a pocket easy to snatch!!! Better to put it inside the backpack instead. >.<

  6. Just saw an ad while watching YouTube shorts and recognized your cross-waistband skirt. The skort with pockets. Halara stole your design. Hopefully it's your new brand name?

  7. ⚠️PLEASE READ – A company called halara has completely stolen your tennis skirt design. I just came across an ad and thought "hey that looks familiar", and then I realized it's your EXACT skirt design. Please please copy paste this comment so she can see it.

  8. Omg this bag is everything of my dreams. If only it was not 14k in my currency ;-; love the designs she makes ????

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