"I Can't Believe I Made This!" | Basic Tools Project

Lacking tools, a shop, and confidence, we helped Meighan build a beautiful sofa table as her first project! Save 20% on your system and your first month is free when you sign up for interactive monitoring. Visit https://SimpliSafe.com/ILTMS to learn more!

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“I Can’t Believe I Made This!” | Basic Tools Project

I Like To Make Stuff

25 Replies to “"I Can't Believe I Made This!" | Basic Tools Project”

  1. I enjoyed very much Meighan's process, and the comparison with sewing was very useful. This kind of tutorials are perfect for me. I enjoy and learn watching the usual projects, but they are light years from my level. Great job, team.

  2. great job as always! love how customizable and relatively accessible this project is.

  3. isn't it also better instead of doing a bevel of 45° you make one of 44,5° that way, the top will be connected and the "gap" will be in the inside which you don't see

  4. Welcome Meighan! Great job on your first build. Bob, I got some "This Old House" vibes from this video and absolutely loved it. I could see you doing this as a show in the future on a streaming service.

  5. As a man, I can’t confirm this is true. However, I think you did a great job of not “mansplaining” and just being a genuine teacher to a newbie. And congrats on the job, Megan!

  6. I'm excited for the follow up video where Meighan shows Bob how to make a quilt and says stuff like, "If Bob can do it, anyone can!".

  7. So kind to see Bob the friendly neighborood helps Megan to do this usefull piece of furnitures ! Thanks you Bob !

  8. Great! I think except for the circular saw cut at 45 which was a bit off for some reason that's all the tools required for the job even when you have table saw , etc. I would use miter saw only for the 45 angle…just to make it easier but circular saw can also works just fine.

  9. Hi guys, great project and I always enjoy seeing people that are new to power tools become more comfortable with them. Kudos to you Meighan. This is not a criticism but potentially a safety observation. It looks like the battery was still in place when you were adjusting the blade angle, sorry if this isn't the case. For newbies, and everyone for that matter, it's probably a good rule of thumb to remove the power source when making a depth and or bevel adjustment on the off chance that trigger gets pressed. Again not a criticism, just a potential safety thing that will hopefully benefit someone.

  10. Super super super awesome video! I love the big projects but this is such a good way to feel comfortable and pushed over the edge to do something, but the tools and go for it 🔥

  11. I was wondering when the obligatory clamp-reference would be dropped- and I wasn't disappointed 🙂

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