I Carved 87 LBS of Epoxy Into This…

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I carved 87 lbs of epoxy into a rainbow trout. I used bent lamination for the very first time and it turned out better than expected. I used a chainsaw and other tools to #powercarve this one of a kind sculpture. This was such a fun build! #Carving #woodworking

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20 Replies to “I Carved 87 LBS of Epoxy Into This…”

  1. Fantastic work! Great vision for the end result, it turned out incredible!

  2. Dude, you have absolutely outdone yourself! The precision of the laminated wood suspended inside another work of art was amazing. Maybe not quite like rainbow sherbet, but possibly Neapolitan ice cream ????

  3. That fish looks like it could come alive and start swimming away. ???? Great job!

  4. I love watching your videos, crazy how u make your sculptures. I’ve just recently stumbled on your channel but I’ve watched every video u have put out.

  5. I always wondered why you went to all the effort of sanding and polishing your pieces when you could have done what you did here with the clear coat. Now that you've done both can you share any insights about which is better and why you would choose one over the other?

  6. FYI there's no such thing as a fake woodworker. Don't tear yourself down man. I think the word you're looking for is experienced, not "real".

  7. hey just some tips from an autobody specialist, sand it past 400 grit before any clearcat, minimum you want is 600, but i recommend 800 grit, and for a better effect you could have done 2-3 coats of clear, then added the black spots, and finished with another 3-4 coats for best protection and clarity, other than that this is a wonderful sculpture you've done

  8. I'm really curious what would happen if you mixed some of your wood dust into a batch of epoxy. Would it have little flecks of the different colors mixed throughout, or would the dust just float to the top during the curing process?

  9. You are a real woodworker. Because you try. Anyone who says otherwise, is hateful, and disrespectful. They probably hate their lives, commenting terrible things on people’s art channels. Good job, it’s gorgeous. You’re a woodworker.

  10. I would like if the showdown part at the end was much longer and I would also like to see clients reactions to these amazing masterpieces!

  11. "Not a real woodworker"???????!!? You are one heck of a woodworker if I've ever seen one! This sculpture is incredible!

  12. ????What! Hi Blake! I have caught alot of trout, and that’s the best one I have ever ever seen! Magnificent! You never cease to Amaze! Fantastic work Blake!

  13. I learned, the waves on wood that look 3D but are smooth is an effect called chatoyancy. justinthetrees on Youtube taught me that.

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