This has been going on for FAR TOO LONG – stay safe out there. Youtube has been highjacked by comment spammers. How much do these scammers make? How do they work? How many YouTube scammers are there? today we find out.

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21 Replies to “I CAUGHT THE YOUTUBE SCAMMER – $1000 dollars EVERY DAY?!”

  1. I had a scammer comment on a Facebook Marketplace listing I had. I knew it was a scam and the scammer leveled with me. He was from Africa, needed money because of the situation they were in, had a great conversation, never exchanged any funds with him. Once you thrash through all the bullsh*t and get to talk to the real person you can learn a lot about them and the situation they're in. I hope they're able to better the situation their geography has placed them in. I wonder how he's doing these days? Anyway, yeah, if you win a giveaway from this channel don't expect a public reply to your message in the comment threads. Stay vigilant, friends.

  2. I have to ask if we report comments to they still need to get filtered through the channel owner or do they go automatically to YT's report algo? or does it become to a case by case basis?

  3. unbox therapy scammer is a chinese national or his paypal account says so

  4. you just read out load a script and now they can use your voice to make the scam even more realistic lol

  5. Pretty sure everything he told you is a lie. hes just gaining sympathy.
    Scammers will literally say anything, come up with the saddest stories just to gain sympathy points.
    What he was messaging could be true, but you never know when all they want is your money.

  6. As if you needed any more reason to love this guy. Handled that like a real G. My respects to you sir you handled that about as perfect as possible.

  7. IP-Address-blocking doesn't do any good, most areas still have dynamic IP-Addresses, and people might get blocked by bad luck if they get an already blocked IP when their router reconnects…

  8. Well thats what happens when people invade, occupy and ruin other peoples Land.. The occupied will do anything to live, including unethical things. May Allah guide them to the true path.

  9. Zack..I am from Ghana.Have been watching your channel for the past 5yrs..I can guarantee you..This person is not from Ghana..They follow the same story pattern.pls watch pleasant green channel on YouTube and you will know how these guys operate.thank you… Sorry for the inconveniences.

  10. He can use your pic with his tg tag to prove people it’s a real you. That way his scams might be more convincing

  11. I am profoundly impressed by your approach, wherein you manage to maintain exceptional objectivity while illuminating the problem from various perspectives.

  12. civilized people: you're so nice etc

    uncivilized people: guess the scammer gonna get some visitors plays Herobust BTSM – Cheatcode

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