I don't lose my needle anymore

Making a magnet needle holder

Art.Buttero 1.3mm (3oz)
Ezer Leather : https://bit.ly/3bR0inr

#lifehack #needleholder #diy

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12 Replies to “I don't lose my needle anymore”

  1. Youtube recommended this again! Your sense of humor in the video has been there for a long time. Fun to watch, and feels like I'm there because of the clear sound! Thanks for timeless videos

  2. I used to tell the girls in the workroom when they dropped the pins or wanted to pick up random pins with a magnet, to put a piece of paper between the magnet and the pins then when they are all stuck you turn it over, take off the magnet and fold the paper to use as a funnel to put the pins in the box. Otherwise you are picking pins painfully of the magnet all day!

  3. Hello everybody, I just subscribed and I am really really fascinated by this Youtube channel. I am also wondering if HAHNS ATELIER or someone can tell me the name of the machine that help us to put the logo on the leather. How Can I find it on the internet. I need more information about it. Thank for helping me in advance!

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