I FINALLY Figured Out How to Grow Broccoli & Cauliflower

We all make mistakes in the garden, and Kevin is no exception. In this video, he reveals the top 5 cauliflower & broccoli mistakes he made, and you should avoid if you want incredible brassica crops.


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00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Mistake 1: Timing
01:20 – Mistake 2: Transplanting
02:28 – Mistake 3: Harvest Timing
03:53 – Mistake 4: Harvesting Entire Plant
04:37 – Mistake 5: Not Tying The Leaves


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25 Replies to “I FINALLY Figured Out How to Grow Broccoli & Cauliflower”

  1. I just saw a video of you from years ago talking about your dream of having an epic homestead. It's so amazing to see your dream come true! Wonderful job!!!!

  2. I think I'm just in the worst possible area for broccoli. Winter gets too cold, but the rest of the year is too hot. The plants themselves actually do really well, but they flower like a mustard green would most of the year, and don't have enough time to form full heads in the winter in between freezes. I've just resorted to using them as kale. It's pretty much the same thing, right? ????

  3. Other timing mistake: harvesting at the wrong time of day. At the coldest time of day, brassicas convert starches into sugars, because the sugars work kind of like anti freeze. Harvest before sunrise – sweeter. Harvest when it's warm – bitter.

  4. I think this year was the best because the weather actually cooperated. I literally had no grey aphids. Nice and cool equals good Brassica’s.

  5. Interesting that you say that you grow it across the cooler seasons in San Diego, but that's not usual for other zones. These are mostly considered cool season crops in Australia. Time to plant is now (autumn). The climate where I am (Melbourne, southern Australia) is probably not that different to where you are.

  6. Yum, I definitely time my cruciferous seeds wrong in my zone 9b garden! one of these days I'll get it right.. I love how your new flying friends gather on the power lines behind you about a minute into the video, by the way! <3

  7. In zone 5b here, put transplants in last week of May or first week of June. Get nice heads and then alot of shoots.

  8. It’s been hard to grow brassicas here (E TN 7a) in the spring. This February it was in the 70s and 80s (warmer here than CA!) so the brassicas would have bolted. It’s supposed to be a cold rest of March so it might be a good time to plant soon.

  9. Totally unrelated to video but maybe someone can help me. Just started my gardening journey a couple weeks ago. And right now my leaves on my cilantro are drying up but the soil is still wet. Could it be that the direct sunlight is too much? It is current on the south side of my house and gets plenty hours of sun, maybe too much? My mint on the other hand looks great! It transplanted soo well. 🙂 P.S. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  10. The other way to know it's a flower head is to not harvest it soon enough and suddenly have a BUNCH of flowers start to mature

  11. We did great with broccoli. We grew it from December to March. Just harvested in zone 8a.

  12. I always let some of my broccoli go to flower in the spring. The bees LOVE it.

  13. A lot of Cauliflower can be 80-100 day varieties and that timing can be a huge struggle when you grow in a four season zone. Cauliflower planted too early in the summer for fall will struggle to germ cause it's so hot but if you wait then it gets frozen ???????? Broccoli is a bit easier for me but I haven't given up on either one and last season was the first time I was able to actually harvest a bit of Cauliflower and I've been growing for many many years ???? I seem to have better luck waiting for fall to plant it though. Broccoli is a bit more forgiving for me.

  14. Dang, I started my broccoli seed in December and I may be too late. I’m also in 10b. Plants are looking healthy and leafy but no crowns have formed.

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