I Found the 10 Ugliest Thrift Store Items…But Look What I Did With Them!

Hi, I’m Sherry! In today’s video, I upcycle/repurpose some of the ugliest items that a variety of people found for me in area thrift stores. I asked some friends, Goodwill employees, a store owner, my son and his girlfriend, and even a complete stranger to pick out what they considered to be the ugliest things in the store. Today, in ten DIY projects, I transform an ugly lamp, plexiglass panels, a dark wall plaque, a hand painted sliced spindle, a doll desk, a ceramic scarecrow, an aluminum foil owl, a floral vase, a 1990’s oak light fixture, and a 1970’s looking wall spoon into decor that I would be proud to use in my own home. I’m so curious—would you display any of these items in your home? Please, leave a comment and let me know.

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29 Replies to “I Found the 10 Ugliest Thrift Store Items…But Look What I Did With Them!”

  1. This was such a fun video to make. I sure hope you enjoy it! It turns out that people love to pick out ugly things for me to buy, and I love trying to make them pretty!

  2. I truly believe you can turn anything into something. I love “doll desk” that was cute. The lamp was great and so was the spoon. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more uglies.

  3. Quelle belle créativité vous avez. Votre talent est impressionnant, bravo.

  4. The spoon is my favorite! I would definitely love that in my home! Great job on this episode! You are amazing!!!

  5. Favorites: spindle, mushroom picture, fern box in that order. You can make the darndest things look greaat. That is why I watch you all the time. Good video.

  6. LOVE what you did with the lamp, beautiful. Plexi glass just stunning. I really love the desk too, you did a great job on all of these. Very inspiring!

  7. Yes I sure would, love everything, the spoon is absolutely beautiful ❤️ that's my favorite. ❤️????????.

  8. I am blown away by then again. I always am. You make gorgeous decor.

  9. Sherry, I love what you did with that lamp! And you've inspired me. I bought a new medicine cabinet that was designed to be used either on the wall or recessed into it. Since we recessed it, I have two tall, skinny pieces of mirror that would have gone on the sides of the cabinet if we had mounted it on the wall. I've wondered what to do with them, and now I know. ????

  10. Very fun! My favorite project was the transfers you used on the lamp plexiglass.

  11. How fun to see you know Sarah!
    I enjoyed both of these videos and liked your lamp-to-lantern, and plexiglass with the floral transfer transformation. Amazing! Thanks for sharing Sarah's channel, Miss Sherry!

  12. The 1st lamp, the plant desk, the blue bird spindle, the spoon( without the ribbon, it hides the pic), and the mushroom pic…those were my faves!!

  13. They are ALL great! I especially like the mushrooms! EXCELLENT work, as usual! 🙂

  14. My favourites are the spindle and the spoon. The wooden picture thing and the vase are not at all my taste. Not before the transformation and also not after it.

  15. Amiga, I loved the "vintage spoon frame " loved the fern poster and artificial ferns, perfect for an indoor patio. Also the transformation of the spoon. Muchas gracias.

  16. Everything came out beautiful, I love how you transformed everything ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. I am once again astounded at your creativity! I would definitely use all of those projects in my home!

  18. Absolutely brilliant changes! My favourite is the frame with the ferns coming out of the wood piece. ????????????. But all of them were awesome.

  19. i wonder if that little bench was a sewing "box"? if it were, it probably would have had some thread spindles on it, so perhaps i am wrong. i think it came out quite cute! the 'mushroom" frame … genius! these make overs proved an old idiom to be true in a new way: "ugly, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder." is Madison a relative of yours? i think i see a resemblance there! YES! MORE UGLY CHALLENGES, PLEASE!

  20. Loved all the flips they look great … My favorite was the lady post turned candle holder

  21. This video was a real hoot! And I agree, it's the spoon for the win. Loved both part 1and 2. Please do have another Ugliest Thrift Store finds video. (I'll be hoping to see transformation of the foot with the big red toenails!).

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