I Got a SNEAK PEEK at the LATEST in Laundry & Kitchen Appliances ????

I’m so excited to share what I saw at the LG HQ showroom here in Toronto. Just wait until you see some of the appliances they have coming out in 2023 — and let’s not even get started on the amazing innovations and cool tech!

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25 Replies to “I Got a SNEAK PEEK at the LATEST in Laundry & Kitchen Appliances ????”

  1. Shame on you for promoting this as if visiting a 2023 trade show, when you are just doing a shameless commercial for free product. Any quick search will show how horrible LG appliances have become. Refrigerator compressors going out within five years, washers & dryers needing very expensive repairs after 12 months, etc. Lost my trust

  2. I don’t care what the haters say here! I love my LG laundry center, it’s full size but fits in my miniature laundry closet and I literally hug it almost everyday!

    Also love my LG French door fridge, also fit in a tiny space!

    If you have small spaces, but want full size appliances, LG leads the way.

    That auto dispense and fabric AI sensor for laundry ????

  3. Hated my top of the line LG washer and dryer. After only a couple of years I gave it away and bought a different brand!!!!

  4. My favorite is the auto dispense on the washer or the complete dish cycle in 60 minutes!

  5. Jan 2022 we moved into our new home and got the LG wash tower and absolutely love it. We have a laundry closet for stacking room only. Since the wash tower is smaller without sacrificing drum size it was perfect.

    I would suggest that the air frying rack come with a tray. My non-LG stove also has the air fry function and I never use it. The clean up is a nightmare. I slip a cookie sheet pan under it and only use it for non-messy foods. The countertop air fryer stays.

  6. Do NOT BUY LG!! LG is not a good brand at all, I don’t know why they make appliances. Especially with their dishwashers…Their dishwashers have constant issues and they are extremely bizarre operating. Far too many items that are unnecessary in the dishwashing process to buy consumers into just buying them. They need to stay in their lane of just electronics. Speed Queen is the king and Queen of laundry, LG is not a reputable brand. For dishwashers, Whirlpool and Bosch are still number one but all new appliances with these ridiculous computers in them will all have issues at some point or another but I can assure you that you’ll have far more issues with an LG than any other brand. With the Whirlpool and Bosch dishwashers, you don’t have all kinds of unnecessary parts and systems in them they rely on basic and useful systems that have been used for years, LG is experimenting and if your looking for a reliable as possible machine do not buy LG junk. Sorry, but us appliance techs do not approve of LG.

  7. I live outside the US and I am always shocked by how enormous the washers and dryers are that I see in American homes! Sure, a large household might make a lot of laundry, but I would expect that to be unusual, not the norm. I have a combined washer-dryer that is smaller than either one of those appliances, and it does just fine for all types of household laundry.

  8. If you are reading this there’s a reason……No matter how good or bad you have it,wake up each day thankful for your life.Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs ❤️????????

  9. Love my Maytag oven has air fry that is what fought my eye plus it stainless steal then next is my Frigidaire fridge again stainless steal freaked drawer beeps when door left open just waiting on washer dryer Maytag gray front load washer

  10. As a renter, I'm stuck with the appliances my landlord chose. Let's just say they're definitely not LG. I like the styler because I've never seen anything like that before. And I'm happy induction is becoming more popular. I've always preferred gas stoves but got used to induction when I lived in Europe.

  11. LG have a terrible track record for repairs and after sales service in Australia.

  12. If you live in a unit this video is a waste of time. You would have to be sleeping with your landlord to get any changes like this stuff.

  13. I would love the LG oven plus air fryer combo. My husband and I love our new LG top loader washer ‼️

  14. I agree with Mary W – we are on our 3rd or 4th LG fridge bc they kept breaking and company couldn't get the parts and thencouldn't fix it. I love the look but they need to invest in quality and not cosmetics

  15. Let’s make this a better world and NOT replace because there is a new gadget on appliances. Ghee. How beautiful it all is… when 2% is through out their appliances because if that once every 4 years… imagine what it means. Recycling just doesn’t cover that.

  16. Living outside the US… and thinking of the future..: how much energy does these take???
    We surely can’t replace with every new gadget????

  17. None of the products you showed are handicap or blind accessible – not something I even thought about until my husband went blind. I like everything showed in your commercial but it will never go in my house.

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