i know it's killing me, but i can't stop.

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10 Replies to “i know it's killing me, but i can't stop.”

  1. I am in recovery mode now and I am set to move in to my own place soon and will have the freedom to choose right from wrong when it comes to drugs or alcohol abuse or abuse of drugs and alcohol. Addiction is a symptomatic of my life and my family issues and my depression and my fears and feelings of low self esteem 🙃 I have been trying to get my life back to the point of overcoming all those things I face inside and out of my body mind spirit but I get lost inside myself and I have a hard time getting myself out of that dark deep areas of my reflective self. I ask God everyday to give me a sign or give me motivation or give me a miracle but if I don't walk towards his grace or his blessings with faith then I. Doomed to repeat redo and get nowhere in life 🙃 I fear of being this total failure is overwhelming me. Plus recently my brother just passed away and I didn't even get to see him or talk to him or spend any time in over 4 years and I can't seem to come to terms with that and I'm afraid I will never come to terms with the chances wasted and lives lost to nothing I am drowning In fear now from all the traumas of yesterday's

  2. what if he isnt breaking it like you want him to? what if you know its wrong every time but the peace you feel from smoking is so attainable even if for a moment rather than peace from God which is out of our control. His supernatural touch is his choice and lately its been feeling like he just doesnt care

  3. idk, i dont think weed kills you. ofc it can be unhealthy if its used excessively, but if used correctly, it can help in many ways…

  4. ….The insanity of man, knowing something is wrong but doing it anyway…..

  5. Truly not enough knowing that its wrong.😔😔 '' so God break plz break our hearts at every thought of sin"

  6. You speak such solid truth and have a great way with words that is so relatable. You have an admirable faith

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