10 Replies to “I made Golden Curry Fries and Tots because why the heck not? (recipe link in video description)”

  1. I'm not pretending that American Chinese food is healthy, but compared to British Chinese food it kinda is though

  2. Wow wow. Love the idea. I am going to try your farm to table
    food soon. When I am ready to come. Will you able to give me a
    general idea how to find the place??

  3. Thank you, curry master. I’ve been (obsessively) making your curry grilled cheese for months, and I know this is my next curry fixation ????????????

  4. Look who cares what food ya eat mix the cultures have only one it doesn’t matter as long as people are enjoying the food who is it hurting

  5. Genius! Golden Curry is so much easier to get a hold of than good shelf stable gravy. Now I just need to find a good supply of cheese curds outside of Dairy Country.

  6. You saying that✨ you wanted to put curry on anything✨is Gold???????? You made this one Indian very Happy ????????????????????????????????

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