15 Replies to “I open Rambutan with my mouth | MyHealthyDish #shorts”

  1. I’ve never seen this before (Canada) but I’d love to try it! I’ll have to ask the grocery stores if they can get it!

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  3. Is it ok that whenever I eat these from the store, I tend to get seed skin attached to the fruit? That's normal right?

  4. What kind of attention are u really looking for? If I close my eyes and listen to just your sound I'll be bursting

  5. Im actually from Honduras and I grew up eating this and I always ate it by just biting the skin off.

  6. Actually that's how we peeled it in Indonesia, even sometime we ended up bite an ant on the rambutan's skin 😅

  7. Its so weird seeing a video on how to eat a rambutan – until i realised this local fruit in my country is Exotic to other nations.

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