I SURPRISED my Friend with a $3,000 WEDDING CAKE!!

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Alexandria – Fine Spun Cakes:

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30 Replies to “I SURPRISED my Friend with a $3,000 WEDDING CAKE!!”

  1. My wedding plans were ruined by Covid. I was still almost 2 weeks out from my date when we threw my wedding together in 7 hours after I found out the lockdowns were starting the next day. Honestly I would have rather had a tornado! 😆

  2. A very beautiful cake! I use to make sugar flowers but haven't done it in 4 years, this video makes me want to get back into it!!

  3. Girl, if anyone gave her grief for being 45 minutes late to the ceremony after having to deal with the stress of literal tornadoes around and massive storm ripping through the location…they need a good smack. Lol. She's such a beautiful woman and made such a beautiful bride

  4. The cake was gorgeous, the bride beautiful, and I couldn't stop myself from thinking… 10 minutes before the wedding, a storm of all storms blows through, tearing everything up, and I couldn't help but see a similarity between the storm and the "torn" fondant. Seems more than icing was torn that day. Holy cow!

  5. You should use this baker to make your allusive “super expensive wedding favor dessert” that you can’t seem to find. I bet she would knock it out of the park with the detailing.

  6. I KNOW KAT FROM SEWELL SWEETS! She's as sweet as she is talented! She lived here in Newberg, Oregon before she moved to Salem. Ok, now I have to watch the rest of the video. How exciting.

  7. I love 💕 this video. I feel like I’m watching a tv show! I would love to see more videos like this !

  8. Beautifull cake. No question. Hope it was a great wedding in the end!
    For me, I don’t think I would want such a cake, just because I don’t want to eat it. I want to look at it, marvel at how its possible that its all cake. But yeah, I do not want to eat it 😅

  9. HOLY COW!!!!!! I COULD NOT CLOSE MY MOUTH WATCHING THIS!!! 😳GOD BLESS AND BE WITH HER!! Oh, and you are a ROCK STAR of a friend to sweet Em and her little Olive! ❤️ CONTENT COMMENT: I loved your sharing of another baker’s talent and artistry. You are so unselfish on your channel and I’m a forever fan!! 🥰

  10. I love the vibe and the layout of this film I mean video you know what I mean I love the entire TLC show vibe but except the YouTube channel it was awesome loved it

  11. Love the cake! It's stunning!! I remember when the tornado hit that totally sucks that it happened on her wedding day. But am glad it all worked out and she had a beautiful wedding day anyway. 😊

  12. Such a wholesome video 🥺 love this vibe compared to the criticising cakes from different bakeries. Dont get me wrong those are fun too but this was a breath of fresh air!

  13. That was so nice of Emily to arrange for a TORNADO on her wedding day! It really added drama to the video!🤣 I really enjoyed seeing into the process and that Laurie highlighted one of her bakers. Did this cake artist do any of the high end cakes from other videos?

  14. Congratulations Emily, Luke and Olive 🥳 the wedding cake is stunning 🤩 the most beautiful one i ever seen! Best video of the year 💖

  15. I'm one of the crazies that made her own wedding cake. Not. A. Vibe. Listen to Laurie, don't do it… Turned out great, everybody loved it, saved a ton of money -still not worth it 😂

  16. You are kind and amazing person💜🤍So happy to see the talented bakers together and hatsoff to everyone who worked to make this beautiful cake♥️It’s gorgeous ♥️♥️Cheers to the wedding🤍

  17. Best Wishes to the Bride! The cake was one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen!

  18. Congratulations Luke and Emilie! What a beautiful piece of work and so sweet of you to surprise her with her dream cake.

  19. Wow youre like next level amazing friend to do that for her. That cake was stunning too. That lady does amazing work holy cow. Definitely loved this video as always love watching you! 💞💞💞

  20. Well, now I'm happy about that little bit of rain at my wedding. Best wishes to the wonderful couple!!

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