I Survived 24 HOURS in the World’s Longest Hair Extensions

I had the LONGEST hair extensions for a day and it was.. kinda miserable lol
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24 Replies to “I Survived 24 HOURS in the World’s Longest Hair Extensions”

  1. ngl, after this video I kind of just want to permanently rock the super short hair forever 😅

    Text “HAIR” to 310-582-5313 (US and CA) for a chance to get the Dyson!!

  2. Hi hope! I just wanted to say that you make the best videos. I am 10 years old and I’m youre BIGGIST fan! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  3. What on earth did you do with all that synthetic hair afterward? I dont know if a lot of people show concern for the waste produced on a lot of Youtube channels, yours included, but it would be great for you to do a video covering what you do with stuff like this and how you attempt to not make huge footprints on our environment for views. I hope this is on your mind when you do these types of videos. Glad you donate your clothes at least!

  4. That hotel is where uhm things happened when I was their with my brother (It was the day before or after my moms wedding)

  5. Can you do a Laurenzside clothing review please I want to now if her Clothes are good or not

  6. i doubt you'll see this comment but i was watching ur kardashian clothes vids the other day and how you liked kris' cow dress and it is on the website now

  7. tangled vibes tho-

    edit: i didn't realize she showed rapunzel until a few minutes after i wrote that lol

    if u don't get it, u don't get it

  8. At 9:53 I was so surprised when hope walked past the people at the pearl factory and I saw the exact lady that helped me find my pearl three months ago!!! What a small world!

  9. Hey Hope, that was really creative and soooooo much fun to watch. I thought the dude dressed as one of the Mutant Ninja Turtles staring at you was particularly hilarious. You’re such a good sport for doing that. Cheers

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