I tried VIRAL AIR FRYER RECIPES… what's worth making??

three cheers for Chris for saving this video ???
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11 Replies to “I tried VIRAL AIR FRYER RECIPES… what's worth making??”

  1. Yes Rachel you are weird. Nobody puts butter on a bagel before they put on cream cheese… ? That's just you.

  2. Christopher saves the day!! Hope you are feeling better Rachel!! I grew up on Twinkies!! Im a bit older than you all, lol. ?? I find them horrid now, lol. ?????

  3. Came to say I’m team butter before cream cheese on a bagel. It’s a game changer.

  4. Rachel you got a really good hubby and Christopher you did great sir and get well rachel

  5. The half Chris and half Rachel should be permanent because we need more Chris in our lives. Love Rachel, although I snowshoe's okay becauseI've seen her latest video, I still hope shes okay.<3

  6. ??? I love it. I want to see all the recipes you make. Why dont you add your recipes to khal site A lot of awesome chefs add their recipes there. It's the world's only cooking social media……..

  7. Immediately after you mentioned putting butter on a bagel prior to cream cheese, I had to go directly to my kitchen to try it. It’s great by the way!

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