i tried VIRAL AMAZON finds from TIK TOK… OMG

Trying #AmazonFavorites from viral #TikTok videos!!! WATCH PART 2 here-https://youtu.be/q7_PBy5xxB0 GIVEAWAY CLOSED* Winners: Rabia, Laura & Emily.
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• Toothbrush holder / Toothpaste dispenser- http://bit.ly/2TEcRLb
• Mighty Handle Bag holder- http://bit.ly/2IDTKLg
• Car Essential Oil Diffuser / Humidifier- http://bit.ly/338HLP8
• Car Seat Bag hooks- http://bit.ly/2Q5DhDx
• Better hooks- http://bit.ly/39HLEge (returning the other ones for these)
• Car detailing putty- http://bit.ly/38IdPdI
• Black Tote Bag- https://amzn.to/2TFzBuA
• Rain Shower Head- https://amzn.to/2ICwpcE
• Plastic Bag holder/dispenser- https://amzn.to/3aDIJW2
• Neon Pink buttery soft biker shorts- https://amzn.to/38CoBSH (M)
• Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler- http://bit.ly/2TQkugC


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15 Replies to “i tried VIRAL AMAZON finds from TIK TOK… OMG”

  1. Love your videos. I have ordered so many things in the 3 videos of yours that I have watched. You are so cute.

  2. OMG the tooth paste despenser remids me of when u go and buy frozen yougurt and the frozen yougurt has like almost the same despenser!
    no just me ok

  3. Hey Filo! I love your videos and channel!! I've noticed that since I'm Canadian I can't access your amazon store from amazon.ca only amazon.com, and little did I know that not all listings that are in the USA are in Canada as well.. is there a faster way for me to find things on Canadian amazon other than having your store open in a seprate window on amazon.com and copy and pasting item names into amazon.ca? if not no worries!!
    Don't get me wrong girl, I will do this until the cows come home HAPPILY because i'm SO happy I found your channel .. I'm new to the amazon world and I always got overwhelmed trying to find the right products but your videos have helped me immensely so thank you! i've only found a few things that are available on amazon.com and not on amazon.ca, and most of the time theres something similar from a different company/seller

  4. 4:34 look at zee fur ball in zee background!!!! 💞💞💞 So.cute. (Edit: she showed the cuteness right after I unpause the video 🤦‍♀️)

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