I Want It That Way – Brooklyn Nine Nine

I Want It That Way T-shirt
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20 Replies to “I Want It That Way – Brooklyn Nine Nine”

  1. Haha not going to lie I want to get this shirt and see how many people I can get to sing wleach part.????

  2. You ruined that shirt that will probably make no sense to people walking on the street, there gonna get it's song but not where it's from

  3. What I dislike about this video is I'm old enough to have listen to these guys before I even knew what a "boy band" was. Sadly I know most of the Lyrics and I couldn't scroll past this one. sigh Also, no dis on BSB! They gave me some solid tunes walking back and forth to school. Just I listen to Death Metal now that makes you question one's reality…. so it's a far tune away from what I rock these days 🙂

  4. Don’t buy the shirt, DO NOT buy the shirt. You don’t need this shirt…

  5. I re-enacted this for a school assignment. It’s the best episode to ever air on live television.

  6. how do you make the t-shirts? I mean, what are those stickers? do they stay on clothes for a long time?

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