I went to TEXAS and this is what happened | Margot Lee

(i got texa-fied)

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28 Replies to “I went to TEXAS and this is what happened | Margot Lee”

  1. HI! i just started vlogging again! To anyone reading this if you could watch my recent video and maybe give some feedback! <3

  2. Aw are you catholic or did you grow up catholic?
    Hope you went dancing! Theres nothing sexier than a guy who knows how to swing dance & throw ya up over da place & hangin on to his belt loop😍

  3. i'm from texas and even though no one casually wears cowboy attire, we did learn line dancing in PE in middle school for the culture. but the only cowboy hat i've ever owned was my grandpa's from mexico

  4. Now line dancing to “Copperhead road” in boots and cowgirl hats is an accurate depiction of any Texas dance 😂😂

  5. your acting like it is bad to eat meat and that we are the only state that eats it…

  6. cowgirl boots does not make you "texa-fied" its actually insulting lol

  7. hi margot! wondering where your white sneakers are from? you wore at the San Antonio meet up:) love you!

  8. Although the beginning wasn’t the only representation of Texas, it is definitely a real representation. You won’t find this in any other state and if you live in Texas, you become accustomed to people wearing boots, jeans, and cowboy hats unlike other states. We aren’t THAT yeeyee, but we are indeed one of the only states who has that southern characteristic. Glad you got to visit babe. Come back soon!

  9. i’ve been waiting for this video since the meet and greet! so happy i finally met you! you’re so sweet!!

    PLEASE check out my channel!!👍🏾👍🏾

  10. Please stop acting like you know what Texas is like when you were there for a few days it is NOT like this at all HAHAHAH I’ve never owned cowboy boots a day in my life

  11. its so cool yall were able to come to san Antonio!! we need more vloggers here I feel like the only one and it's good to see brands bringing influencers to Texas!!

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