Iframe Tutorial – Dreamweaver

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In this Dreamweaver tutorial by James at http://www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk , you can learn how to create html iframes and embed not only external website content into you web pages but also learn how to load page content from your own site.

17 Replies to “Iframe Tutorial – Dreamweaver”

  1. PERFECT!!!
    Your video assisted me in finding a way to embed a LightroomCC gallery into an existing web page. Thank you VERY much

  2. Thanks – very helpful. I am a novice, and I was getting faulty code warning in yellow. Took forever to realise I had missed the > just before </iframe> It did not happen automatically as I went along.

  3. Nice…
    How write css for loading iframe 
    for example,in your site,how to create css for youtube videos div(margin,width,etc)

  4. can someone put anchors within iframes? So when people click on an anchor, the iframe scrolls down to the anchor link?

  5. thanks, that’s informative. but in my opinion this not a dreamweaver tutorial but more a general hmtl tutorial. you’re merely just typing html. incredible that dreamweaver doesn’t supply a proper iframe editor. 

  6. Just what I was looking for but can you show how to target the frame so I can click a link and the page views in the desired iframe.

    Thank you

  7. but how can you connect your iframe page to a button? I'd like to load more pages in my iframe

  8. My facebook page won't show. The scroll bars show up but the content doesn't. I NEED SO HELP

  9. you know that you are da MAN right? I built my first website from scratch, watching your tutorials. i had no previous knowledge of css of html.

  10. Hi James, why it doesnt work if i preview it in my browser? need help

  11. Hi james. can u do a tutorial on this problem im having
    im trying to design a t-shirt design page, where a user can design there own t-shirt..
    where user can clisk on a colour and a template will change to that colour, also they can add text to the template. could u help be much appreciated!!!

  12. my iframe worked on chrome but not on opera, firefox and safari. in opera, safari and firefox it only shows 1/4 of the height of my iframe. any suggestion on how to fix it?

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