I’m Sorry

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28 Replies to “I’m Sorry”

  1. Where is Aaron Kyro???? We got this question a lot over the last year and at long last, we give you the answers from the man himself! We could not be more excited for the future of Braille and skateboarding itself. Thank you all for being a part of our journey. Let us know what videos you want Aaron to film!

  2. I am not into skating but i watch some of your videos time to time. i guess that video you skated the ipad was probably the one i saw first

  3. I got an EPIC idea for an app that would be like a mix of social media but also has challenges and medals/achievements to earn.

  4. OG SF skate head checkin' in (Shout out Concrete Jungle and FOG TOWN lol) keep shreddin' buddy!

  5. i’ve been watching you guys way before you put out the 2×4 skate everything vid, i think everyone needs to break the norm of their routine to branch out. The tutorials are still up on your channel gaining views, and i think people getting into skating see those wacky skate everything videos as an easy way to get into the sport.
    Keen to see some gabe learns videos at the spot again!

  6. Aaron, I hope you know this is literally the only channel on youtube that includes there community this much. Every video is a new inspiration. We love you and all the crew! I'm having a hard time getting into skating but I've always watched your videos even if I'm not skating for a long while.

  7. Been a fan of Braille since 2015 and I have always loved Skateboarding and I love watching this channel I had multiple health issues I was obese and couldn't Skateboard despite being interested in it. I'm 22 now I lost the weight and now I want to learn skateboarding and rollerblading now and it's all thanks to Braille

  8. Aaron your videos taught me to skate i stopped cuz i broke my ankle but i had started teaching my sister … your doing your job

  9. I respect the decisions you're making for the channel. Yet, I am one of the people who don't care for skating anymore, so this news hurts. I love watching the videos yall have been putting out, but personally, I will not be watching any tutorials.

    Maybe use Braille Army for the YMIWSI, Skate Everything Wars, etc. Use this channel for more tutorials. Regardless, I respect your decision and still will always love the channel. Keep up the amazing work on the road to 6m subs!

  10. Aaron was my inspiration to pick up a board at 12 in 2008 and JD was my inspiration to pick it back up at 26 this year. This channel has made my life infinitely better and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do.

  11. Because of you guys I started skateboarding seriously when I was 16, I've been on and off for a few years now and haven't been making too much progress with my skating but I always get inspired when I see you guys shred at a skate park and I see what's possible, I really love your skate park series where your skating every skate park in the bay area, I have been hoping for new updates tutorials for all tricks from beginner to advanced, never feel sorry Aaron for bettering yourself!!!

  12. You, Aaron, are a major part in making me wanna skate again after about 15 years without any skateboarding what so ever. Since I discovered you guys at Braille a couple of years ago, I’ve been watching so much skateboarding content and I’m aming for buying a new board to get out there and just roll around. It brings be so much happiness and harmony when days are too much to handle. I started skating when I was around 13yo. Now I’m turning 30 next year and honestly I’m thinking about wishing myself a new complete by then.
    Thank you for all the joy and inspiration!

  13. Арно делай то к чему у тебя лежит душа, ведь когда делай то что тебя действительно зажигает, люди это видят, и это воодушевляет и вдохновляет👍
    После просмотра ваших видео я начал кататься на скейте, а мне 32 и у меня есть некоторые проблемы с сутавами и ногами.😅

  14. Glad you’re back Aaron. Love all the guys at Braille. Not the same without you though.

  15. We love you Aaron! you made me fully commit to skateboarding again and how to get better, much love my man

  16. Suggestion would be after some newer skate supports line up, making a playlist for the year, ie Skate Supports 2022 which would include live ones, for people who would want up to date videos looking for tips on a particular trick 👌

  17. Your the best man, went to a skate park for the first time today. I would have never have Gone if I didn’t find your “glass board video,” haven’t learned any tricks yet but I know I can do it because of you! Thank you man! Legend!

  18. You guys should stop by my town Coos Bay Oregon on your way to Portland!! We’re off highway 101!! Would love to meet y’all!! Been watching for years!!

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