28 Replies to “Instructions for making woolen objects by Phuong Anh Part 29”

  1. Liars & deceivers in Congress are support for McCarthy/GOP corruption. They should be removed/ousted.

  2. Our American Democracy needs an authoritarian Trump/GOP abortion, even to the full terms. Democrats will give new birth to our American rights & freedoms. Dictatorship is not a proper name for our, can be yet infant, Democracy.

  3. These elections need to be called out…. the dems are doing all the counting and they are spiking votes in unnatural numbers… wait till we the people see stand up this election… dems better get ready to spike tf outta something

  4. Not a bad idea, Mr. Hank, how about that idea. The President of the U.S. TOM HANK????????????????????????????

  5. It's only the beginning ????????????????VOTE THE REPUBLICANS OUT????????

  6. No one wants leaders whose only agendas are: anti-woman, anti-minorities, anti-LGBTQ, but endorse guns and white supremacists !

  7. Thank God the people in FL are finally waking up to GOP corruption! Unfortunately, there are still have lots of gerrymandered areas in this country, so there’s much more work to be done! But if we stand together, we can stop the hate-filled Repubs from ruining our country!

  8. Trump the king of Narcs .with his flying maga monkeys he is a wicked witch ????????

  9. ❤forest gump never die in all mind, its big story Tom Hanks acted perfect to make fans love Tom

  10. ❤Tom Hanks never lie for living or to satisfy his fans. Tom live now than live for unexpected tomorow! All his movie loved by fans, so Tom to move on his lives❤

  11. If we don't have our constitution then we don't have anything because our constitution is the guideline to our rule of law and remember that is what the traitors wants to overthrow so everyone will turn to their own ways and then our great country will be destroyed buy a bunch of not smart people really think they can have this country to themselves when in reality it already belongs to them under our constitutional law

  12. ❤look who winners, all are Dems to make American great to live as winners for world democratic rules than Xi Jin Ping or Putin the wanted in criminal world court. Team Biden greater than MAGA only for white supremacy to kill innocents?

  13. Is anybody surprised that the RepubliKKKons won't rid us of that criminal Santos?
    They emvrace that criminal Trump.

  14. I don't know where you come from but I don't know anybody making $80,000 being paid by the government your head is in a different place people are struggling they're barely getting by and there are those who work for retirement and their pensions but it sure ain't $80,000 a month…. Even if you're truly disabled you don't get enough to live on and support yourself without living on the street because rent is so high food is so high I don't understand your mentality nobody gets $80,000 by the government

  15. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. American people how you think our forefathers doing in the grave they're flipping add turning mad as hell the nature of our conduct is real weak we are falling to all levels low when we leave behind Donald Trump and the Republican they're not for the country no more Republican they are Traders you might well say it out loud the Republicans are traitors to the country that is the bottom line enough is enough listen plug that cord let's get back to normal back to normal

  17. American people I am glad you guys open up your eyes Donald Trump at company is bad for the country dad showed it time and time again Republican enough is enough are we going to the Republican and Donald Trump destroy my great-grandkids or your great-grandkids or great grandson or great-granddaughter be destroyed when they grow up our forefathers open up the door for us with Blood Sweat and Tears our forefathers did not let us down so God damn it I'm not going to let my forefathers down

  18. Got my great-grandsons and great-granddaughters on the front line with some BS that Donald Trump will they take over the country and make a third world country I don't know about you guys but I ain't having it I am not having it vote for Democrat all across the board imma get out in the streets and vote all across the board for Democrats

  19. There's no Republicans there's no more Republican it's Donald Trump game of crazies trying to take over the country so the country's be like a third world country Donald Trump and his group is crazy as hell

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