Intense Home Shoulder Exercise (SIDE DELT SIZZLER!)

Add serious size to your delts without needing a gym

Big shoulders is one of the hallmark signs of someone that works out. Finding the perfect shoulder exercises to help you get big round delts at home can be quite the challenge however. In this video, I show you an intense home shoulder exercise that you can do with a common household item and a single weight plate.

The best part about this home delt exercise is that it applies physics to make the traditional side delt dumbbell raise even better! By applying both a horizontal and vertical force vector, this exercise really works your deltoids and becomes an excellent option for your shoulder workouts (regardless of whether you train them at home or at the gym).

In order to get big shoulders you have to overload the delts ideally at every point along their range of motion. Matching the proper strength curve with adequate intensity can be difficult. When using a dumbbell during the side lateral dumbbell raise, you really only hit the delts the hardest at the very end of the movement. This is because the force of gravity acts greatest when the arm is perpendicular to it.

If you were to use cables or a cable pulley machine to do this you would have a much better application of force to the side or medial delts, however not everyone has access to a machine. If you do your shoulder workout at home, you need more options. This video covers one perfect exercise choice that will help you get bigger shoulders anywhere.

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  1. You can also replace the cable side raise with resistance band, but the strength curve of resistance band is rather wonky.

  2. Brilliant exercise! Applying progressive overload on a exercise like this is a pain with dumbbells but it's going to be much easier this way thanks to micro plates.

  3. Jeff = genius. There is not a single Athlean X video or workout that disappoints. He is just the best of the best.

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