Introducing vlog camera ZV-1 II | Sony

The ZV-1 II is an ideal all-round vlog camera.
Compact and portable, it features a wide-angle zoom lens for versatile framing, a 1.0-type image sensor for great image quality, and an Intelligent 3-Capsule Mic.
It allows you to capture amazing quality video and audio without any complex setup.

*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Some behind the scenes are not shot on the ZV-1 II.


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30 Replies to “Introducing vlog camera ZV-1 II | Sony”

  1. Big Sony fan here but i sure wish you guys would do something with your camcorders. Its been 6 years since anything new. Its time for a replacement for the AX53 and the prosumer camcorders are 5 years old. Its time for a new jampacked pro camcorder in the 3 thousand dollar range. Please!

  2. Their Xperia 1 V as an everyday carry is a more interesting choice for me. 3 lenses and an alpha style shooting apps w s-Cinetone included.

  3. Sony please update the zv-e10 to be a more hybrid camera with better color science, no video crop and full touchscreen interface you guys already made enough vlog focused cameras… we need a budget hybrid!!????????

  4. This is a good boring camera, this is what the ZV1 should have launched as. It should also have optical stab left. A true ZV1 M2 would have 4K30 10bit (albeit limited), and a limited 4K60 mode. It should also not darken the screen in 4K, that's what I'm expecting of the RX100 M4, not anything after that

  5. absolute sucks, a marketing camera, a photo camera designed for those who do not understand shooting and cameras. Where are the normal video cameras on the same sensor and not this crap?

  6. not that interesting, no real innovation, just small incremental improvements, uninspiring, come on Sony.

  7. I'm waiting for the Sony RX0 iii action camera to beat the shit out of GoPro & DJI.

  8. After I tested this ZV-1 II compact vlog camera (you can check my review video on my channel) , I was already fall in love with this one and I think Sony really listen thier customers even vloggers are very nich compare to photographers. I like that ZV-1 II comes with wide angle zoom lens and start from 18mm f1.8, it is a very good point and they finally bring a smartphone-like touchscreen to this small camera hahaha.

  9. it's the zv1 with a wider field of view. not exactly what i was expecting so i'm gonna skip this one. i might get the sony xperia 1 v though..

  10. Totally disappointed with this product considering the price of it.. super disappointed… if it had 10 bit color depth It would have made sense but I wonder what Sony is thinking. Releasing bunch of cameras for vloggers and all of them have one or the other problems… I hate this product though

  11. Capitalists can't provide any fast and steady progress, as if some of us haven't known this already.

  12. what is the benefit to buy this rather than choosing zv-1?

  13. This really wasn't very informative… thought this would be a presentation or something

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