Introduction to Grayfurnaceman's channel

This channel, together with the grayfurnaceman and graycoolingman websites is dedicated to teaching what I know to anyone without charge. So, I hope this makes a difference.

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  1. Hi GFM. I just want to say your videos are very informative and you really have a good attitude about this topic. I like it that you teach the whys and hows something works. As you stated in the video when you have a good general understanding of how something works you can then become proficient and troubleshooting is a breeze.

  2. Hi….I have an older Goodman gas/a/c unit that Im having trouble getting the furnace to light. Watched some videos including yours concerning gas valves.
    ..,purge fan works, igniter works….hear nor feel the gas valve open….(2 wire Honeywell valve)…checked the voltage at the valve wires unplugged….getting brief crazy high 160v. Unit try’s 3 cycles then flashes 1 blink code as it should. I tried to measure for ohms on valve, nothing so was thinking it was burnt up….but then I saw your video concerning rectifier, so not so sure now. Should I try to measure voltage at valve with it plugged up before I condemn the board?

  3. nice videos grayfurnaceman fun to watch them and learn from them. Thanks for taking the time, very knowledgeable.

  4. Really appreciate you taking the time and effort to produce these videos – I've learned a lot 🙂

  5. I have a big max heater flashing three light flash(pressure switch stuck open or closed) . I have cleaned the tube and inlet into exhaust vent, and I have replaced the pressure switch itself. It will start when I carefully puff into tube activating the p switch. It will operate until it reaches the setting on the thermostat at which time it shuts off. It won't start again unless I puff into hose again. Anybody have any ideas?

  6. What if you have a problem with the blower motor not moving enough air on s trailer furnace

  7. I would like to ask you a question but don't know how to reach you on an email. Could you let me know how to contact you? Thank you.

  8. Will you do a video about the compressor or pump that is installed in the heating fuel lines between the tank and the oil burner . Please

  9. Super video,yep it’s me again,had a question I forgot to ask,after I installed a new pump in my furnace and everything seems to work ok except for that slight pulsing hum when burner is running,pulled unit out again and pulled motor , cupping and motor shaft seemed to be tight ,back to forgotten question ,when I first installed new pump,and started ,it would fire,took gun out and removed nozzle ,I found some metal filings in nozzle ,cleaned everything out reinstalled and fired up ok,what would be metal from it is a new pump and seems to pump ok ,curious, thanks for everything

  10. Sir you are a legend. Thus far I’ve only seen 2 of your video and I am must say. You are the best teacher ever. God bless. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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