Is This the Original Viral Recipe? | Vaughn Vreeland | NYT Cooking

Follow along with our video producer Vaughn Vreeland as he cooks his way through one of The New York Times’s most classic recipes: Marian Burros’s Plum Torte. The Times published the recipe in the newspaper every September from 1983 until 1989, which the editors determined would be the last year they printed it. They received lots of angry letters from readers as a result. If you’d like to try it, fear not, you can access the recipe right here:




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26 Replies to “Is This the Original Viral Recipe? | Vaughn Vreeland | NYT Cooking”

  1. Great, love it 🙂 keep sharing please !! You deserve more subscribers… I am one for sure ❤️

  2. let is chant nam myo ho ren ge kyo this is only way to be happy convert to nichiren shoshu

  3. This is the best recipe! You can do anything with it – corn meal is great. And blueberries works great.

  4. You get lots of plums in if you use Stanley variety, which are super in this torte.

  5. Ok I want all 3. But if I had to choose just one it would be the olive oil one. I love making olive oil cakes at work for dessert special during the summer.

  6. As soon as the first episode of this series came out, this is the recipe I thought of. It really is one of the best. I made this torte three (3!) times this summer, largely because we have a plum tree (aka: an annual plum problem) and because this recipe is So. Damn. Good. And now I’m tempted to make it a few more times in order to try some additional variations!

  7. Vaughn thank you so much for these recipes. I am Italian and cannot wait to try the olive oil and semolina flour one! They all look yummy 😍

  8. Thank you again, Vaughn…I'm going to say it: the proof is in the plum. Your charm, brown butter and fresh fruit…who needs anything else?

  9. Oml that brown butter softening hack. I usually just put mine in the freezer for a few hrs. The ice bath is game changing

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