Israeli forces storm into West Bank neighbourhood after gunfire; Palestinians respond with stones

Palestinian residents hurled stones on Israeli forces after they stormed into a West Bank neighbourhood to carry out search operation of a suspected house. The raid was conducted after Israeli forces heard sound of gunfire, news agency AFP reported. Israeli forces have intensified their operations inside Palestinian areas in the wake of surge in militant attacks. Watch the video for more.

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18 Replies to “Israeli forces storm into West Bank neighbourhood after gunfire; Palestinians respond with stones”

  1. ♥ for Isreal and Isreali people…i pray for your well being and wish for peace on your homeland. Fight terrorism and keep delivering them to those 72 they wish for!

  2. Once a few years ago a LGBTQ Lesbian couple 👭 💑 literally tried to prove the world that ISIS is a subsidiary of Israeli MOSAD.
    What they did,cost them their own lives which shocked the entire Liberals and their fans around the world 🌎.
    They both went into ISIS territory in Iraq 🇮🇶 and met with Al-Baghdadi in Baghdad,after introducing themselves to him they were provided with a hearty meal followed by sentence to behead the LGBTQ Lesbian couple 👭 💑 and was immediately carried out and it was live at YouTube, the rest is history….they say 😆 🤣 😂 😹

  3. According to CNN, AL-JAZEERA (the Sharia Law compliance)and the western Leftist channels will be as follows 🙄 🤣 "Some few people were seen simply pelting stones at Israeli military and a fewer rockets 🚀 were fired by unknown sources, and Israeli soldiers used unnecessary brutality against innocent Palestine 🇵🇸 and they raided, destroyed an innocent residential home 🏡 and it's now in complete ruins 🙄 😉"

  4. Islam ek giroh hai jo kafiron ki aurat aur jamin par kabza karna chahta hai

    Yati narsinghanand Saraswat

  5. Reminds me of similar scenes in Kashmir(pak sponsored),a typical narrative set by the islamists .

  6. This people are foolish how this stone will damage this bulletproof or land mine protection car 😂

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