It was… rough… #shorts

Ha THAT PLUS having my body judged publicly online for the past 11 years?
JK actually I wish I was. I’ve been better with online comments. But when it comes to the opinions of those closest to me, it cuts so deep. And I will 100% cry. 😭 I am a huge sensitive crybaby softie. If I’m sad, I will cry. 😭 If I’m upset, I will cry. 😭 If I’m happy, I will cry. 😭 If I laugh too hard, I WILL CRY!!!!! 😭 Anyone else!???

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  1. Ok putting that aside may u always stay awesome and king and pretty I could go on forever

  2. I’m in highschool and my mom found out I shave and got upset 🤭I’m still gonna shave

  3. Same, I wasn’t allowed to shave either. I remember wearing socks with heels, just to cover-up my legs. I look like my dad and my dad has a full head of hair and he’s in the 70s. So as you can imagine, I needed to start shaving early but couldn’t. Then again, I was also extremely short, very chubby, really frizzy hair and I had braces for five years. So, I had a lot going for me.

  4. My last name is Ho, too, and I got shamed for my last name, too. I also have slightly hairy legs.

  5. I’m exactly like you except for the Ho part but still I have a weird last name and ppl always call me fat


  7. Imagine being the only heavy set black girl in your class right around the time Norbit came out 😭☠️☠️☠️

  8. Can you share more about your past if you don't mind. I feel it might be an encouragement to many people, (probably me).

  9. A girl in my grade has the last name "Hoe" and she was laughed at so badly by my class. Also the hairy legs is something we can all relate to.

  10. I will never understand parents not letting their kids shave, especially if it's making them insecure. My mom didn't let me get my eyebrows waxed in middle school and it made me super insecure having out of control eyebrows sometimes.

  11. I felt the hairy leg well I don’t usually wear skirts but my moustache well itsnit that bad but yeah

  12. I also felt the hairy leg part and having arm also and not being able to shave

  13. Me who's still one of the fattest girls in class with friends who are all thin, and having to transfer to a new school where people look even thinner and you have to wear shorts in PE class:

    And yet I cry over my mom laughing at my weight.

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