Italian Party Bread – Meat & Cheese Stuffed Wreath – Food Wishes

This crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, Italian meat and cheese stuffed loaf is a party waiting to happen. Festive doesn’t even begin to describe this visually stunning loaf. Use the easy technique as shown, or switch up the ingredients to create your own personalized party bread.

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11 Replies to “Italian Party Bread – Meat & Cheese Stuffed Wreath – Food Wishes”

  1. Thank you! I started to learn to cook with your channel soooooo many years ago!! lol!!! One of my favorite recipes was actually mondongo (beef stomach) lol

  2. Gosh! I could see all that stuff falling out of those cut portions if I tried this. 😉

  3. I have made this a few times and different ways, even with out meat, just broccoli, a hit every time. Many thanks chef John.

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