It’s not really a video about bangs #lifelessons #shorts #motivation

Grab my top:

Several months ago I decided to buy some hair scissors off of Amazon because I just didn’t have time to go to see a hair stylist for trims. I mean I had already taught myself how to dye my hair at home during the pandemic so how hard could hair cutting be?

Apparently really hard.

I totally ruined my bangs and have just been trying grow them out. The unevenness has been getting worse and worse and today I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I took out those dreaded Amazon scissors again and decided I’d try once more. As risky as it was, I couldn’t stand NOT fixing the issue and remaining a victim of my own situation.

As I brushed out my bangs, I realized a huge life lesson.

All those times I tried to curl and blow dry and dyson airwrap and FORCE my bangs into place – it was all a waste.

No amount of superficial fixes was EVER going to solve the problem until I attacked the source of the issue.

Who knew my bangs would teach me a life lesson today.


Ps: top is the Allure crop from @POPFLEX

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  1. It went from a bang cutting video to motivational video

  2. You are STUNNING! Is there anyway you are interested in getting your brand into Australian target?? ❤️❤️

  3. I thought her hair was a wig at first only cause it looks so silky 🤚💗

  4. i wanted to ask something..more like a help..i have a really curly hair and I love bangs,but even though i straight it out it doesn't stay like that for much long…can u help me with this..plzz

  5. Cutting your bangs isn’t always bad! But sometimes the people who learn it’s bad realize that having medium length hair will compliment your bangs that have somehow become side bangs? *Cough * me! *cough * Aha! >:3

  6. Get your foundation of hair
    Twist and cut BOTTOM only leave room for mistakes if you feel uncomfortable

  7. Somehow this kinda helps. I am currently in between jobs and four thousand miles from home with a visa that's gonna expire soon. Need to rethink this decision.

  8. Hi how do we order your merchandise my sister is looking to buy some cute workout clothes please send me the info…….🙏🙏

  9. I have bangs and I’m trying to grow them out but it’s really anoyinng to have them there’s really no solution and when ever I felt good someone always had to say “ why the so so crooked” which always ruined my day.

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