Jack in the Hole – Card Trick Tutorial

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20 Replies to “Jack in the Hole – Card Trick Tutorial”

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  2. Nice decent trick. I prefer where you give the illusion the card pops out between the two cards, but this is good too.

    Edit: That's one hell of a pass tho. Quick and clean af!

  3. Tip for the pass: part of it is hiding the viewer from seeing the flip by covering the deck with your hands as you "square up" the deck. Also turning your hands back or to the side as you do it covers more. I started the pass with 13 cards (ace through King, so it can be explained through some story telling) and practiced with roughly half the deck up until I could do the whole thing. It's going to feel slow to you but due to your hands moving and covering the deck the viewer will only have a brief moment to see it (or if you're good like disturb reality they won't see it even if they are looking) and if you look up at them most people follow so you can do it then.

  4. I dont know… How is it possible to hide the pass? I always see everyone, who is trying to do it! EVERYONE!

  5. I really like your tricks and explanations I learn a lot and performing thanks and long life …

  6. 3:25 Cleanest pass ever; I didn't even know he was showing us how he did it, it just happened that fast; He is too good

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