Jaclyn Tahboub Shaves Her Head for Cancer

Jaclyn Tahboub shaves her head to support her brother Mario, who at the age of only 37 is fighting myxoid liposarcoma. Jackie wants to raise awareness for this form of cancer and raise funds to support Mario’s treatment. See the story, and more photographs, at this post: http://careisthere.com/thecaregiverssecret/jaclyn-tahboub-shaves-her-head-to-support-her-brother%E2%80%99s-fight-with-cancer

You can make a donation at http://www.standbymario.com/


9 Replies to “Jaclyn Tahboub Shaves Her Head for Cancer”

  1. I just read the Virginia Supreme Court case that reversed the grant of summary judgment to the ghoul of a doctor whose negligence led to Jaclyn's death. I'm crying. What a radiant woman. What a tragic loss.

  2. الشفاء العاجل بأذن الله تعالى من هذا المرض اللعين..

  3. that was an amazing thing for you to do you really support cancer tudos to u!! 🙂

  4. Assuming the men have had experience, why didn't they shave it? Would think they'd do a little better job! Anyways, lots of respect and vest wishes!

  5. haha, looks so cool. its funny to see all the guys though – seeing as this is most men's default hair style anyway LOL 😀

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