Jaishankar defends Russian oil purchase amid U.S pressure; 'My moral duty to get best deal'

The External Affairs Minister once again shoots down attempts to pressure India on Russian oil imports. Upholding the national interest, S Jaishankar said that it’s his moral duty to ensure the best deal for India. He further said that New Delhi has been very honest and open about its position on Russian crude and the world needs to accept this reality. The reiteration comes amid growing US pressure on India to shun supplies from Moscow amid war in Ukraine. However, as per reports, India is set to get more channels to buy Russian oil. Watch this report to know more.

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17 Replies to “Jaishankar defends Russian oil purchase amid U.S pressure; 'My moral duty to get best deal'”

  1. I'm just wondering why he even bothers to explain it. How's it the US business to check where is anyone buying anything from?

  2. Why not US sell their oil cheaper than Russia, the possibility of moving away will be higher

  3. Who the hell is US to lecture the countries all over the world what to do and what not do? All the country must come together and wipe off US from world map.

  4. Your going to lose Russian oil by end of this. Then you will come running too us.

  5. This is pure gold, classsss , diamond in politics………
    I want this class BJP like Vajpayee,swaraj….etc

    Unfortunately due to certain people in BJP and Congress, religious groups,the BJP is becoming more right wing than SATYAwing ( I call this as dharmic version of Right wing)….thats why we got radical hindutva to counter Radical islmits in India in recent years……….sad for dharmic country….

  6. Sasta lene k baad bhi price 100+ hi hain 🤣. Apni jeb bhar diye Modiji Bhakt toh hote hi hain Chutiye.

  7. We by buying Russian oil and keeping our ties with Russia are stopping the world from cornering Russia so that it doesn't take any spontaneous violent action and again the threat of China's ambition to the world is not new if they fully allied against it will be devastating

  8. India isn't supporting the war, India is supporting itself, if you think that's still wrong, then snap back to reality

  9. You don't mess with him.He listens, Laughs and you are done from the fierce truth coming out of his mouth. 🫡🇮🇳🔥🔥💥♥️👏👏👌 Feels Like Mr Putin 2.0 🤣😅

  10. I am a not big fan of india. But i have a huge respect for this guy and India’s foreign policy. ❤️❤️

  11. When we grow old, we will tell our Grandkids about this Man. Like our grandfathers used to tell us about Bose.

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