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  1. Inspiring. I want to make one (smaller). Thanks for the very clear step by step instructions.

  2. This is the best video of this type of project I've seen to date, although I wish you would have used thr clinched nail technique on the handles instead of glue.

  3. When using cut nails on the lid, how do you account for the grain of the lid and the baton going different directions?

  4. In awe . How do you determine the length of the lid for the slid ? I'm having a bit of a brain fog . This is a awesome project .

  5. I need to get a good jack plane similar to the one you used in this video. Could you please let me know the plane you use and where I could buy one? Thank you very much. Eric D.

  6. I was looking for a good explanation for a japanese tool box and I've just found 🙂
    Thank you for this video!
    Regards from Brazil

  7. you can also tweak your toolbox by making another rail like you would for a french cleat system and attach it to the inside of your lid using the cut nails but only drive in the nails about half way. glued on with the half way driven nails becoming pegs to hang your tools on. of course the side of the toolbox would have the other half of the bevel for the french cleat system so the lid will stay in place once placed. not my idea. i got from another you tuber i watch. i think that little tweak makes this box even more in line with the practicality of a Japanese toolbox. Japanese woodworkers hang their planes on the side of their box so why not a peg board to keep everything right there ready to use. 😀

  8. man i love your style and that handy dandy rocket surgery clenching station you got going on there haha 😀 keep em coming guys. i loved it.

  9. Great video, I can't wait to make one for myself. One thing though, I thought that clenched nails were supposed to be bent across the grain to guard against splitting?

  10. I can't find the outside dimensions.
    maybe the dimensions follow the golden rule phi?
    nice work and thanks for posting it

  11. I enjoyed watching you use the hand tools, it's my favorite thing to do in woodworking. I love the tool boxes and I think my husband would like one. When I get my shop set up, it will be the first thing I build. Thank you!!

  12. Hey Doc, saw your post about C-Rats and Steelpike, was a jarhead on that cruise. Just saying hi.

  13. Great build! I will make one myself. May I offer you some advice? It looks like you're using a hardpoint saw for the compound cut. Those are designed for crosscutting. You would be amazed how much faster a rip saw works at making that same cut.

  14. This is truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this build and old techniques. I truly appreciate you taking the time to put this video together. Recently all of my power tools were stolen so I decided to go all in on hand tools. And this is the PERFECT project with great instructions for what I'll work on first. Keep up the amazing work. I'm so glad I stumbled onto your page.

  15. why did you put the coins in between the tongue and groove joints when you nailed the bottom to the box? thank you for the video.

  16. Love the videos, many thanks for clear exposition and excellent camerawork. You could give lessons to others on youtube! Couple thoughts: the box will be heavy when filled so I'll be cutting down weight wherever possible eg glue not nails (those chunky cut nails you used must weigh quite a bit, in total so i'll be replacing with either glue and/or wooden dowels. Also think the middle batten can be dispensed with. And cutting a scallop in the handholds would both lose bit of weight and be more comfy, no?  re clinching: have you seen the method used by The English Woodworker in his wall cupboard video? worth a look. Meanwhile it's very nice to have your sense of humour coming through, also your easy relationship with Joanene; I'm envious — what's the trick to getting one's wife to laugh at one's jokes? I've been trying for years. Bests, John L.

  17. I'm envious of your rabbet and groove planes. I really need to invest in those two planes!

  18. I just changed my mind on the type of tool box I'm making my father-in-law. But I am going to use dovetails instead of nails at the corners. Very interesting piece.

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