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  1. Just discovered your channel and loving it! Your production style is so enjoyable to watch, and so well done! The camping segment was an unexpected bonus! The cypress tree is an amazing creation! The Three Sisters Swamp on the Black River in eastern NC is home to the tree you spoke of that is believed to be from before the birth of Christ. They’re very hard to date because of their tendency to rot away in the center as they age, so taking core samples to determine age is usually fruitless. For those interested in seeing these dinosaurs, you’ll need a canoe or kayak and a good love of adventure! The Black River, a gem in itself, disappears into the swamp for a long distance, and there’s no markers to guide you through! As far as the toolbox, I fell in love with these things a couple years ago after watching an Adrian Preda video. I’ve built several of the small ones like he builds, but a larger one is in the near future! Thanks for a great series! Subbed!

  2. The one thing that surprises me is that none of them seem to be designed for one handed carry. Seems a bit inefficient for the Japanese. They are beautiful and will build one myself. Nice video.

  3. I love the matryoshka doll style video. So delighted! I really should make some of these for my shop because I really need the organization! Right now I'm making some saw horses/benches and recording it. I'll have to show you them when they're done, they're my very own design. New Subscriber, and that is that!

  4. I'm located in NC and we have plenty of the Cyprus trees along with the smaller "knot" ones. When hunting or just exploring, we have to be very mindful of the smaller ones. They will definitely make you fall and give you a nasty bruise if not a break. I was a frame and interior/exterior trim carpenter for 19 years but never dove tailed anything, but very interested in it now. Great channel, new sub!

  5. Could you use upholstery tacks in place of cut nails on the smaller boxes? I wonder if upholstery show-nails would also be an interesting look as well.

  6. love the bubinga one, I am going to make one of these as my main portable tool chest, the design is so elegant and beautiful.

  7. Wonderful. I just watched, jaw dropped open and totally captivated by the box construction, your sheer skill and your quiet authoritative presentation. Many many thanks

  8. would like to make a couple of these tool boxes would it be possible for you to put up some dimensions also of materials to use I have some boards from an old oak wardrobe around 1/2" thick 10 or 12" wide around 5' long would this be ok .
    excelent vidio's have stoped watching tv and now am watching youtube instead
    mick Scotland Argyll

  9. I have been a painter for almost 40 yrs never heard of milk paint what is it actually? I love your boxes I will make at least 2 lol so cool that you showed the Cypress I'm from Louisiana an I have seen one growing over here lol

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