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Jessica Alba came to Paris to attend the Balmain fashion show, which took place in the third arrondissement of Paris, at the Carreau du Temple. For our, “Get Ready With Me” series, the American actress and entrepreneur, who founded her skincare brand, Honest Beauty, in 2011, revealed all of the steps of her preparations, from putting together her look to her tips for taking care of her skin. She even shared the worst fashion faux-pas of her career with us!

Talent: Jessica Alba
Director: Tim Jarrosson
Journalist: Alexandre Marain
Producer: Amaury Delcambre
Producer Assistant: Malo Huet-Leberruyer
Audio: Hubert Rey-Grange
Hair: Jennifer Yepez
Makeup: Honest Beauty
Makeup artist: Hung Vanngo
Casting Video Manager: Adèle Ligerot
Casting Video Coordinator: Sarah Tauxe
Post producer: Mathilde Romejko
Post Producer Assistant: Agathe Romain
Editor: Laurane Jolly
Color Grade: Rafael Sultan
Mix: Manuel Lormel
Motion Design: Gabriel Delmas
Motion Design Assistant: Hanae Khennoussi
Video Development: Louise des Ligneris
Programming Lead: Stéphanie Amaya
Video Operations Manager: Axelle de Benedittis
Head of Video: Thomas Leroy
Head of Editorial Content: Eugénie Trochu

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  1. she needs to bring back dark angel and have dark angel reunion!

  2. She has one of those faces that will always make you look young for your age. Im 24 and she could honestly pass for at least my age

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