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This is part 1. Here is the link to part 2:

In this jQuery tutorial by James at http://www.dreamweavertutorial.co.uk you will discover how to install and customize the great looking Infinate Carousel jQuery plugin.

Download the jQuery Infinite carousel here :


Special thanks to http://www.catchmyfame.com

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23 Replies to “jQuery Slideshow Carousel 1 of 2”

  1. HI james I have done my carousel the way you showed and every function is working except when I try to preview in chrome, from the 3rd picture is not projecting the picture, I rechecked everything but I guess something is wrong. I can send my screen capture for you to check it out and would appreciate if you can correct me please.

  2. Thank you very much for your tutorial. Very good and very easy to follow. However, I have a small problem. The images I'm using have less hight (380px) and the span is very big compared to the photos. How can I fix this?

  3. I have having problem implementing this wonderful carousel, as I am quite new to JQuery and I have been using the YouTube video here. However, in the video, it implies script hooks must be placed in the relevant HTML doc. However, downloading the "jquery.infinitecarousel.zip", from catchmyfame website – it does not come with and txt files with script hooks. Please can anyone help? As I am making a gratis website for a charity.

  4. ANYONE when copy/paste you must correct to path src="carousel/js/infinitecarousel/jquery.infinitecarousel2.js"

  5. check the path src="carousel/js/infinitecarousel/jquery.infinitecarousel2.js

  6. okay, i got it..hahahahahaha..just triple click, that all..nice tutorial!!

  7. how you click that box of image, and image placeholder display at properties inspector box.. sorry im new in dreamweaver, so are you used any shorcut to make it work?

  8. if I can do all these things in any software like dreamweaver then why I have to learn how to code

  9. I went through all of that, and it didn't work…now I'm annoyed. Thanks. I hope you have a f*cked up day.

  10. same issue here… something must be wrong with the css instructions in this video.

  11. in your style sheet for the desired class or id, add this code

  12. At 6:41 Mine won't go to the left! What did i do wrong? (I have Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5)

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