June Tour of Our South Garden! It's Coming Together Quickly! 🌸👍 // Garden Answer

June Garden Tour Part 1 – https://youtu.be/qEAxcNJwiWI

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10 Replies to “June Tour of Our South Garden! It's Coming Together Quickly! 🌸👍 // Garden Answer”

  1. Loved the tour and how much has changed over the last year. Great job 👏 👏👏

  2. Love everything as always. Just a suggested option for the shed: if you want to keep some of the wood look in the interior; My mother-in-law had a log cabin and she did a sort of white wash in her bedroom that looked amazing. It looked like a whimsical fairy tale room in which you could see the wood grain through the white wash paint. I know whatever you do will look great!

  3. You have Russian Sage right next to Tidbit hydrangeas? Aren't their water requirements incompatible?

  4. If trees die, is that just a financial loss or is there some type of protection plan?

  5. I found a tree that I really love, it's a Norfolk Island Pine, when I go for walks I see these trees on someone's property and they are just beautiful!

  6. Hello there, you seem to be doing so good. It is so nice to see you in your gardens. I was wondering, did you ever go to school? What focus of study would you recommend for people who are interested in all things gardening, like you? You always have really beautiful and creative answers to questions like this… I think you could give some meaningful advice. Thank you Laura

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