She hangs a Dollar Store fence from her ceiling…brilliant!

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28 Replies to “She hangs a Dollar Store fence from her ceiling…brilliant!”

  1. This is Gorgeous! I wish I had a brain that could come up with stuff like this. Would be pretty gor an out doors wedding, or just to dress things up. 11 thumbs up from me!😀👍

  2. The chandelier is lovely, but I think I’ve seen the second one before and it looks horribly cheap.

  3. That first one is everything 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️very creative ❤️

  4. Trapped between the thumbs up and down. Love the chandelier but you should have just picked up a basket while you were at the dollar store.

  5. Love the basket even in black. I would fill wit flowers or put bucket of ice in it for cool drinks. So pretty. 😍

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