Kitchen Addition & Remodel EP04 | Sealing up the roof

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It’s time for another adventure with the Perkins Brothers and Crew adding an addition to a friends home as part of a kitchen remodel! This project is a “filler” job while the Perkins Team waits for the drywall to be installed and finished on the Mountain Cabin Project.

On this episode we frame the roof overhang‘s, she’s the new roof and seal it temporarily to the existing roof! We also build some of our exterior walls and we finally have Jason back on the job!

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11 Replies to “Kitchen Addition & Remodel EP04 | Sealing up the roof”

  1. REALLY an interesting series to see the – let me say – unique problems you encounter in a remodel, compared to original construction. Great job!!

  2. such a small project for a roofer to come out to shingle just the add on

  3. Inspects wet roof in flipflops with no fallpro.

    Carries material inside of the house with no ram board to protect customers floor

    Tosses waste material off of 2 story roof and breaks window

    Single bottom plate non-treated on an external wall

    Doesn't inspect roof decking, builds gable overtop existing shingles

    Failure to have a structural engineer stamp a proper design for the extension while using existing janky brick pillars.

    If this passes final, your inspectors must cataracs and Alzheimer's…

    Y'all need to seriously evaluate if what you're doing is safe and in the interests of the customer. I cant believe it's video 4 and this is still happening.

  4. this is such a sketchy build.. those obviously un secured brick pillars and the old wooden deck.. and your just building on top of it.. if it was my build, i'd fire all your asses…

  5. What is the difference between the green ZIP wall sheathing vs the tan roof sheathing?

  6. Next time you run into that situation, just do a double bottom plate. It’s more material, but you won’t have to take the time to put in every little block.

  7. I do maintenance for a living…I use through the roof alot….works great…I'm always fixing leaky roofs with it! Great choice.

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