KnifeCenter FAQ #116: Gimmicky Knife Features + More

What if you need a pocket knife for the ski slopes? Plus, we’ll cover fidget-friendly multitools, the practicality of the Emerson Wave, and the supposed irrelevance of the can opener. And just what kind of gentleman carries a knife?

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Ski Instructor’s Knife
6:51 Multitool Scissor Fidget Factor
9:00 Is the Emerson Wave a Gimmick?
10:25 Measured Once, Cut Twice: Knife Pickup Lines
11:30 Gentleman’s Knife – Why?
11:51 Is the Can Opener Dead?
13:50 A Long Handle and a Sharp Point

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15 Replies to “KnifeCenter FAQ #116: Gimmicky Knife Features + More”

  1. I've been thinking for a long time that bottle openers are the biggest waste of space on knife, yet I always want and need a can opener as not all cans have ring pulls.
    A vast majority of bottles these days have screw caps, but Victorinox solved that issue by combining the bottle opener, and the can opener.
    You would think it would free up space for a different tool but infuriatingly, Victorinox have separate can and bottle openers on some of their knives, STILL !!
    If ever there was a technological step back, this has to be it.

  2. DCA, Guten Tag!! I'm looking for a "scout carry" fixed blade knife with about a 3 or 4" blade. I'm a southpaw and am interested in something in a decent steel but nothing too exotic (Sandvik, VG-10, 154cm, etc.). I'd like to keep it in the $100-$150 range. Any suggestions?

  3. DCA. You said you had a personal opinion on a knife. That’s that’s why I watch you buddy, for your opinion. Thomas is hilarious. The universe is a funny place. Thomas has great comments. I’m just saying. See ya Knife center. A great place to by knives. Just my thoughts.

  4. This is not a question, but a request: i would like to see a "Beat the icon" video about the Ontario Rat 1. I think it is one of the best "all around budget knives" (edc, camping, work, tactical, etc) and i'd like to see some alternatives.

  5. 171 dollars for a benchmade made mostly out of plastic with a locking mechanism that they invented…yet don't do as well as most other companies with the same mechanism. Factor in crappy factory grinds and blade wobble on every knife I have from them and voila, you have the most shamelessly overpriced and under built knives around. I've erroneously bought five of them from either Blade HQ or Knife Center and every single one had a crazy un-even grind and blade wobble that was pretty bad. Gas station knives are better.

  6. I wouldn't consider myself a gentleman but I think everyone should carry a knife cause their so useful and if you have a fancy one it can help make you look more refined

  7. The wave is most definitely not a gimmick, if my blade doesn't come with one I will order a snaggletoothmf for it

  8. Pull tabs aren't on as many cans in the US as they are in some other countries. Maybe the guy who made that comment was an Aussie?

  9. About the can opener first most pull tabs can break too easily…. and second that can opener has its other uses i been using learherman wave since it came out and cano opener is most versatile tool you can open paint cans strip wire scrape with it just for few examples

  10. I would love to see your opinions on an episode showcasing the top California compliant OTF’s and automatics. Love the channel

  11. Gentlemen carry knives because a gentleman is one that is not caught flat footed. A gentleman should have an elegant resolve to a problem. Instead of running away and hiding like most so called men in society. Gentleman face problems head long no matter the attire.

  12. Anyone who says an Emerson wave is a useless gimmick has never used one at a manual labor job lol it's super useful when your other hand is occupied and you don't want to have to think about the opening method

  13. It doesn't matter if it is a fixed blade or folder but what knives would you like to see represented in action movies?

  14. The 11mm hunter SAK has a great little serrated blade and multipurpose can/bottle opener….

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