La recette du macaron Chuao de Pierre Hermé

Découvrez les secrets de cette recette par le chef pâtissier, Mickaël Marsollier qui nous ouvre les portes du labo de Pierre Hermé pour nous faire découvrir la technique de réalisation des macarons Chuao, mélange subtile du chocolat Chuao et du cassis.

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  1. Chuao est un magnifique village niché entre la mer caraïbe et la montagne dans l'état de Aragua au Venezuela et là se trouve le meilleur Cacao au monde… Bien le bonjour à tous depuis mon île de Margarita… : )

  2. Pourquoi le texte dit "30 minutes" et dans le video il dit: "une dizaine de minutes"?

  3. As for the cocoa powder in the chocolate macarons, when you mix together the almond flour and icing sugar, just mix the cocoa powder in as well.

  4. I don't know if you ever found out your answer seeing as it's been a month, but if you were still wondering, the chocolate paste is "ganache." You can't really make it with cocoa powder because a traditional ganache is cream, chocolate, and butter. As you saw the consistency of the paste, the chocolate keeps it solid enough so it doesn't just drip everywhere, but the cream allows the ganache to be spreadable.

  5. Question: what is the chocolate paste – is it possible to make it with cocoa powder and when to add it to mixture when making chocolate macaron cups?
    will really appreciate answer in any language. Thank you

  6. Can anyone tell what candy thermometer he is using? It looks great and I'd like to get one. It kinda-resembles the Matfer one, but I don't think it is…

  7. A moment ou il met les macarons sur la feuille je me dit "comment il va trop vite!" Et lui: "c'est pas la peine d'aller vite" XD

  8. For home macarons, it's usually between 160 to 170. Basically, it all depends on your oven and professionals have ovens that are far more advanced to those we have at home. He even says 162 degrees C which of course is a precision we can't get at home. Plus the size of your macarons has an impact on the ideal temperature and length. In one word: practice 🙂

  9. I'm confused :/ I just bought Pierre Herme's Book "Macarons". it says that the macarons must be at 180 degrees C for 12 minutes. He's putting them at 160-162!

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