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Looking for affordable land with Owner Financing or Seller financing and no bank requirements, look no further, we have 58 properties available with incredibly low down payments and no credit checks.

Looking for Land for Sale?

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Bucket 1 – Land to live on today | Bucket 2 – Buy Land today for the future | Bucket 3 – Recreational Land (Camping, Hunting, ATV, Horseback, etc) | Bucket 4 – “Land Banking” Holding land for the long term, remember, they don’t make it anymore! WHAT BUCKET ARE YOU IN?

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  1. Yea she right need a map to go look at lands I want land wear no body can build a round you at all I don’t want any body building in front are in backs of me are on the side of me I don’t need next door neighbor I want privacy

  2. Hi. I am looking for a land 1 or 2 acres in NC or Arkansas far from New Madrid fault.

  3. I went on the site looking for stuff in California, got results for every other states but California smh. Either there is not much for sale or it just a bad site

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