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@Brent Rivera
@Ben Azelart
@Jeremy Hutchins
@Stokes Twins
@Andrew Davila
@Dominic Brack

If you see this, comment how long you could stay if you won a boat! Love you guys 🙂

27 Replies to “LAST TO LEAVE $300,000 BOAT KEEPS IT!!”

  1. At the end when person won it looked like Lexi and Jeremy were holding hands 🤔🤔🤔

  2. lexi:- Do not try this at home
    me:- I wish i could offord, and even if i did will i have water in my house to try that😂🤣

  3. hey lexi
    i love ur videos they are awsome ( i wondered if i can meet u ) FAN FROM SRI LANKA

  4. Sitting on a boat as I’m watching this,great video! Also I just bought a new fishing rod the other day

  5. This isnt meant to be mean but have you ever wished that you never had become a youtuber?

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