Learn How to do a Muscle Up on the Rings- Muscle Up Tutorial

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15 Replies to “Learn How to do a Muscle Up on the Rings- Muscle Up Tutorial”

  1. omg i can do 5 muscle ups on bar but 0 on rings so hard on rings without stupid crossfit swing

  2. brooo this guy makes this shit look so easy! got to my local rings yesterday head held high and tried it and bout walked off crying ;/

  3. I have a question regarding training frequency. Should you train for this with push/pull split or as a total upper body workout? Currently I'm going upper body ring training every 3 days but thinking about splitting it into push/pull, either way I want to make sure I'm making good progress on the muscle up. Thanks.

  4. I love how he starts without a mic and ends up with one wrapped around his neck like a necklace lol!

  5. Nakaathletics page has an awesome progression that helps with the transitional phase. Sam is STRONG!

  6. Would like to share a personal tip. For those who has a hard time progressing with the transition phase of muscle up, you can pike your hips while hanging and let your heels rest on the ground or a box. This will reduce your weight but still rely on your muscle up strength to pull instead of putting your feet right below you. Second progression would be to start your muscle up from a hang and use a "kip" (search for kip muscle up) to build a momentum and bring you up. Cheers 😛

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